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Welcome to the Income Engineered Resources Page. This is a list of tools and services that I’ve used to engineer my online business, and I think they’ll work for you too.

In today’s online world, there are practically endless options out there. The sheer volume can be intimidating. How do you know what works? That’s why I’ve put together a list of resources that I find awesome. 

I have tested and used all of the recommendations on this page. I strongly believe in only recommending tools and services that I trust have experience with. At the end of the day, my goal is to make you and your business as successful as possible.

I’ll continue to update this page as I find more great products to share, so consider bookmaking the page and checking back from time to time. Best of luck in your online endeavors!

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase through those links, I’ll get a commission. The commission is at no added cost to you, but it really helps me fund more helpful content for you in the future. Please note that I have used and tested all of these tools and services. I only recommend them because I trust and believe in them. My goal is to make you successful, and I would never recommend something simply for the commission. Please only purchase products that you think will help you achieve your goals, and if you do, thank you for helping to support me!

Featured Resources

SiteGround - Income Engineered is hosted on SiteGround. When researching potential web hosts for this site, I found SiteGround to be the best combination of performance, reliability, scalability, customer service, and ease of use. At prices as low as $3.95* per month, it’s extremely easy to get an account started and set up WordPress with their one-click install. I created a step-by-step 3 hour blog launch challenge that walks you through exactly how to create a great site on SiteGround that you can get for free right here. I’ve used several other hosts in the past, and in my opinion, this is overall the best available option on the market. I wrote about the extensive research and evaluation I did that led me to SiteGround in this article

SendinBlue - I use SendinBlue for all of my email marketing. SendinBlue makes it easy to start building email lists and start sending out great content to your fans quickly and easily. One aspect in particular that makes SendinBlue stand out for me is how easy it is to set up multiple custom opt-in funnels with specific offers targeted to your visitors. If you want to get a taste of how the whole process works, click here to subscribe through my SendinBlue account. An additional huge plus for SendinBlue is price. The service is completely free up to 9000 emails per month. If you exceed that (and congrats if you do!) it's only $7.37 per month (at the time of this writing) for up to 40,000 monthly emails. When you combine the available features with the price, its an offer that I haven't seen any competitors touch.

48HoursLogo - Most of us don’t have professional image design and editing skills, and hiring a professional designer can be extremely expensive. That’s where 48HoursLogo comes in. If you need a logo, podcast artwork, infographic, or other visual media designed professionally, simply start a campaign on 48HoursLogo. This is how it works: you write up a prompt for your task, set a prize amount, and watch dozens of designers compete for the reward. Designers submit their take on the design, you rate and comment on the ones you like, and they submit refined designs based on that. Once you select a design, you can work 1-on-1 with the artist to make final tweaks and get a package of file types and sizes that you need. Quick, fun, affordable, and effective.

Thrive Themes - Spend a bit of time developing with WordPress, and you’ll realize there are hundreds of “solutions” to every problem. I’ve tried a lot of premium themes and plugins over the years, and Thrive is by far my favorite. In fact, I built Income Engineered on a Thrive Theme and am currently using almost all of their plugins to power this website. For a low monthly fee, you get access to a diverse selection of well-made themes and a suite of amazing plugins that take WordPress to the next level and beyond. I’d pay the monthly fee for the Content Builder alone, which makes it extremely easy to build beautiful web pages with a drag and drop editor. Thrive also gives you great opt-in tools, landing page templates, headline optimization, beautiful testimonials, timed campaign tools, and more. If you only need a specific plugin or theme, they sell each item individually as well. If you want more information on how I use Thrive’s tools to make a great website, check out my free blog launch challenge.

Grammarly - Believe it or not, I’m not a naturally gifted writer when it comes to grammar and spelling. When we post articles and copy online for the world to see, we want to make sure it’s the best quality possible. Grammarly is like having your own automated copy editor. With the free version, you can use their browser or Word extensions, or write in their web-based editor, and get what is essentially a super effective spell and grammar checker. Sign up for premium… and you get extremely powerful features like synonym suggestions and sentence structure recommendations. The first article I put into the tool had nearly 100 optimization suggestions… it’s truly taken my writing to the next level. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned writer, try it out for free today, and fall in love. At this point, I can’t write without it.

Favorite Tools

Asana - In my opinion, an effective, easy to use project management system is vital. Asana is a web-based project management tool based on Agile Development principles (which I’ve used as an engineer in the space and transportation industries, and is used by major tech and software companies around the world). Web based and extremely easy to use, Asana is by far my favorite project management tool. Essentially, it allows you to make lists of tasks organized in projects, assign them out, set due dates, attach files, take notes, and much more. It’s great both for solo work or collaboration with a team. The free version should be more than enough for most entrepreneurs or small businesses. As a bonus, the mobile app is great and makes keeping track of tasks easy… no matter where you are.

Pocket - I subscribe to a LOT of great blogs and media sites. However, it’s super easy to waste a ton of time reading great articles at the wrong time. You should focus on the task at hand and read things relevant to your current work. That said, you don’t want to lose great articles you come across either. Enter Pocket. There is a simple, easy to use Chrome extension. When you come across an article you want to save for later, simply click the button on your browser bar and the article is archived to Pocket for later. Type in a quick tag or two for organization. Now, if I want to do some research for a specific topic, the first thing I do is go to Pocket and look at relevant tags to see what I’ve saved over the last few years. Also check out the phone apps versions for reading on-the-go.

Google Drive - Cloud storage is great. You have several options out there, but I love Google Drive for its ease of use and integration with Google Docs and Sheets, Gmail, and Asana. Set up a folder structure just like you would on a local directory, and simply right click to create new Docs, Sheets, or Slides. You can drag and drop files from your computer just like you would a local folder. Asana makes it super easy to attach files from Google Drive too. Last but not least, I love the ability to quickly share a folder or file with anyone else that has a Google account. Simply right click and share… great for sending podcast notes to an upcoming guest, or having a collaboration folder with an employee or partner.

Google Docs & Google Sheets - Google Docs and Sheets have pretty much completely replaced Microsoft Word and Excel in my life. For one, I think they are easier and more straightforward to use than the Microsoft software. They are also completely free. Also, it makes it easy to have all of my files on the cloud and accessible from any device or location.

Google Keep - I recently switched back to Google Keep from Evernote as my go-to notes app. I find it a bit more quick and easy to use than Evernote. I also love that it uses the same tagging system as Pocket, so I can organize my notes and saved articles in the same fashion. I use it both on my phone and through my web browser to quickly take notes, set reminders, and make lists. You can also save images (snap a picture of a great page in a book or magazine!) AND do voice notes, which is great when you get a good idea in the car and can’t type safely. It even transcribes your voice notes into text, super cool.

Egg Timer - Egg Timer is a simple but effective web-based timer. I use it to set alternating windows of work time and break time (following an 80/20 rule). Setting a timer to keep you honest on your work and breaks can really up your productivity. - is a nifty AI music composer with tracks designed to set you into specific moods. Featuring options for focus, relaxation, meditation, napping, and sleeping, the app does a great job of almost hypnotizing your into your desired state. Focus, for me, is a constant battle. I love listening to music on Spotify, but when I need to REALLY buckle down and focus, it’s not enough. I’ve found the focus tracks to really take my concentration to the next level. Look for the app for your smartphone or use their browser version. There is a free and paid version, depending on your needs.

Sleep Cycle - Sleep Cycle is a “smart” alarm clock and sleep monitor. It uses your phone’s speaker to track your sleep patterns. You set a time to wake up by, and the app monitors your sleep patterns to wake you up at the optimal time within a 30 minute window leading up to that time. The result is you wake up more naturally and feel more fresh and ready to rock the day. It also gives you metrics on sleep duration and quality, and integrates with Apple’s Health app (for iPhone users) to track sleep over time.

Pic Monkey - Pic Monkey is my go-to web-based image editor. With the ability to quickly upload a photo and crop, touch up, resize, add filters and effects… and much more, this is a quick and efficient tool for all of your basic editing needs. Before you shell out hundreds on a premium tool like Photoshop, try Pic Monkey and see if it meets your needs. It does for me most of the time.

Pablo - You know those viral social media images that feature a great quote or caption overlaying an interesting image? Pablo is a simple but amazing tool that allows you to make those kinds of images in seconds. Select from one of the 600,000+ background images, add some text, and click your target social media network for automatic size optimization. Pablo makes your social media engagement easy and efficient.

Kraken - Kraken is extremely simple yet extremely powerful. All you do, is take the awesome images you make with Pic Monkey and Pablo, drag them into Kraken, and watch the file size reduce drastically with no visible effect on image quality. I've seen reductions as high as 89%! This tool is completely free for files up to about 1 MB in size, and reducing image sizes means maximizing page load speeds, so take the extra step to optimize your pics.

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